The WBGF (former EUBGF) rules apply. They can be found here.

Recording preference

In the 2018 Malmö Open, a player may insist that a match is recorded. Matches in the Super Jackpot are approved for DBgF “botnorms”.


Are they smiling because they are welcome to play in the Malmö Open Talent Division?

Who may participate in what flight?

In order to be allowed to participate in the Malmö Open, Danish players need to have a valid DBgF player’s license. Getting one onsite will be possible. Players of other nationalities don’t have to become members of the DBgF.

There are no restrictions on players of nationalities other than Danish, not even Swedes.

No player will be stopped from playing in the Talent Division instead of the Championship Division, regardless of track record, rating or playing strength.

A player can only participate in one Main Event. A player who is in a Main Event, the Super Jackpot or XGM Malmö, can’t take part in another event (including Jackpots). For clarity, this means that a player who is still in another event (including Jackpots), is not allowed to enter the Super Jackpot. Exceptions concerning Speedgammon Jackpots may be made.