The winners get to take these beauties home. (Granted, they will say 2018)

Buying in

In addition to DKK, we accept SEK at a rate of 0.75 DKK/SEK (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). Buy-in will be accepted in cash only, in connection with registration.


The winner of the Championship Division and the winner of the Talent division will receive cups. Other than that: cash prizes.

Jackpots will be winner-take-all.

In the Main Events, Doubles and Speedgammon, approximately 10 % of the players will be in the money in each flight. Exact prize money distribution will be announced after registration has closed.



Please bring your clock.

Boards will not be provided – please bring your own board!

The same obviously goes for your dice and doubling cube. If you are playing in the Championship division, and own a clock, please bring it too! We have access to a limited number of clocks (thank you, DBgF!), but more will definitely be needed. The clocks from DBgF will be earmarked for the events where clocks are mandatory – which is the case for most flights.


As far as rating is concerned, the tournament will be considered a Danish international tournament. This means that only matches between DBgF players will be rated.

New events for 2018

Sunday at 10 am, there will be a free Backgammon Quiz. The winner will receive free entry to his/her choice between the 9-point Speedgammon Event and the XGM Malmö Event, both starting Sunday at 11 am.

XGM Malmö is a BMAB side event in an exciting and innovative format. In the XGM Malmö, the player who played best according to the computer is declared the match winner, so bring your A game to this one! All XGM Malmö details can be read here.

Speedgammon Jackpots will be held throughout the tournament, and can even be entered by players still in the Main flights, time permitting.

Tournament Directors

Mårten Howe and Thomas Tenland.