The winners get to take these beauties home. (Granted, they will say 2018)

Buying in

In addition to DKK, we accept SEK at a rate of 0.75 DKK/SEK (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). Buy-in will be accepted in cash only, in connection with registration.


The winner of the Championship Division and the winner of the Talent division will receive cups. Other than that: cash prizes.

Jackpots will be winner-take-all.

In the Main Events, Doubles and Speedgammon, approximately 10 % of the players will be in the money in each flight. Exact prize money distribution will be announced after registration has closed.



Please bring your clock.

Boards will not be provided – please bring your own board!

The same obviously goes for your dice and doubling cube. If you are playing in the Championship division, and own a clock, please bring it too! We have access to a limited number of clocks (thank you, DBgF!), but more will definitely be needed. The clocks from DBgF will be earmarked for the events where clocks are mandatory – which is the case for most flights.


As far as rating is concerned, the tournament will be considered a Danish international tournament. This means that only matches between DBgF players will be rated.

Tournament Directors

Mårten Howe and Thomas Tenland.